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March Happenings

March Happenings

March 2nd: New Moon Pisces

This new moon of March will open the doors for Creativity and Mysticism. It’s a great time to charge up your fluorite and bloodstone! Set them outside and let them soak up some of those good new moon vibes to harness these cosmic energies.

March 18th: Full Worm Moon in Virgo

With Spring just around the corner take advantage of the Worm moon in Virgo and focus tonights meditation session on grounding yourself and bringing about focus in your life. Pro tip -> use one or more Agate stones in your session to achieve the outcome you desire.

March 19th -20th: Spring Equinox

Invite in all of the positive energies of the equinox for some sweet new beginnings! Get your home ready and complete a space clearing ritual by burning sage and palo santo while repeating your favorite mantra. Short on Mantra ideas? Try “I invite only positive energies into this space and I release all negative energies; Bring clarity and light.”  

March 19th – 20th: Sacred Journey Marketplace Event Holiday Inn Eastgate

Stop in and check out some of our area’s best small businesses and support the metaphysical and holistic community. https://www.sacredjourneymarket.com. We will be at the lion & the crab waiting to hear about your new finds and favorite vendors! Stop in and tell us all about it.