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Full Moon in Libra Ritual

Full Moon in Libra Ritual

This year we are blessed with a full moon in Libra on April 16th at 2:55p (EST)! The full moon in Libra is all about balance, going with the natural flow of things, and abundance in relationships (to self, friends, lovers, etc).  Follow the seed planting ritual below to open your heart and channel more love into your life!

Full Moon Seed Planting Ritual for Love

You will plant white flower seeds or night blossoming flower seeds in a container or your garden while opening your heart and channeling feelings in love.


  • White Flower Seeds or Night Blossoming Flower Seeds (Jasmine, Primrose)
  • Container w/ soil for planting flowers or space in your garden
  • Watering can and 1 – 2 cups of water
  • One moonstone

What to do:

At 2:55pm on April 16th while outside under the moon

  1. Prepare the soil for the seeds as you invite the energies of the moon to enter into the soil as you mix it and loosen it.
  2. While holding one hand over your heart, use your other hand to smooth over the top of the soil and trace a heart using your finger
  3. Imagine feeling an abundance of love that swells beyond your heart and flows through your body and into the soil
  4. Pour the flower seeds into your hand and show the seeds to the moon, allowing the light to flow into them.
  5. Close your hand over the seeds and bring to your heart again imaging what love feels like flowing into your heart.  
  6. Imagine the emotion as an orb of light around you, protecting you, and creating a safe place for you to exist.  
  7. Imagine opening a gate in your heart and allowing a current of love to enter.
  8. Imagine this love coming from the moon, washing over you, the seeds, through your soul, and out into the soil.
  9. Arrange the seeds in the heart shaped grove in the soil
  10. Place a moonstone in the center of the heart
  11. Imagine the moonstone radiating love from the moon out through the soil and from the seeds back through the moonstone.
  12. Smooth the soil over top the seeds and pat gently
  13. Gently water the seeds and moonstone while thinking of the water as your love nourishing the soil and the seeds growing stronger as your love does.