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January 2023 Newsletter

January 2023 Newsletter

Happy, Merry 2023 to ALL!!!!

Upcoming Happenings:

January 21- New Moon in Aquarius brings “new beginnings”! Reach out to your social network, explore new ways to do things, get out of your comfort zone, shed the winter hibernation mode and seek possibilities for insight and renewal during this first new moon of the new year!

January 31/February 1- IMBOLC- the celebration of the Goddess Brigid-signifys the halfway point between the Winter Solstice (Yule) and the Spring/Vernal Equinox (Ostara), the seed of change has been planted and now it is time to nurture the seed into full development in preparation of ‘the birth of change” in spring

February 5- Full Moon in Leo “Snow Moon”- this is a great time to cleanse your crystals by harnessing the fiery energy of Leo, this full moon will allow you to take pride in your emotional side, this is not a time for excuses, be you in all your wonderous glory! Release the baggage and the things that are no longer serving you in this new year.

February 14- Valentine’s Day-great time to love yourself, love others, and just spend some time taking your time with the things that make you happy

February 20- New Moon in Pisces- new moons are a great time for renewal- start fine tuning your goals for this year, begin manifesting practices to allow all that you seek to enter your mind, psyche, and your realm of possibilities, you truly have to visualize yourself in the life and direction you want for it to begin to manifest itself into reality

March 7- Full Moon in Virgo “Worm Moon”-charge those crystals! This is a great time to practice grounding rituals, focus on finding structure in your daily routines, getting organized/cleaning/clearing and cleansing while firming up your plans/intentions for the spring/summer. Release the procrastination and stagnation of the winter months in preparation for the spring.

Upcoming Events:

March 11/12- Gift of Light Columbus at the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair

March 18/19- Sacred Journey Market at the Holiday Inn East