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About Us

We believe your spiritual and mental health are just as important as your physical health and seek to be a one stop shop for anyone on a personal journey to better themselves.

You can find us in the quaint town of Batavia Ohio located about 35 minutes east of Cincinnati at 34 N. 3rd. St. Batavia, OH 45103

Our story

Owners Suzy and Jamie opened their first metaphysical and intuitive reading business in St. Augustine, Florida in 2018. The shop was located in an “old Florida” style market about 3 miles west of the Atlantic ocean. Immersed in the vibrations of the nations oldest city they spent thousands of hours studying and researching the world of metaphysics to provide their customers with knowledge, tools, and unique items to help them along their life path.

They eventually took their business mobile covering ground from Honolulu, HI to Wayland, MI, the pair was energized by reaching a wider audience and sharing knowledge and experiences with other industry experts.

When the COVID-19 pandemic caused all festivals and events to be cancelled Suzy and Jamie turned their fate over to the universe and waited for a new door to reveal itself. Nearly a year and a half later the opportunity to purchase a historic building presented itself and the duo jumped at the chance. A short 4 months and floor to ceiling renovation later the lion & the crab was born. Doors open for the first time on March 12, 2022!


is co-owner and front of house shop keeper at the lion and the crab. She is passionate about helping others learn new skills to help ease what distresses them. She started her own soul fulfilling journey in 2018 when she decided to live a 100% sober lifestyle.

When not working at the lion and the crab Jamie provides consulting services to healthcare organizations helping implement cutting edge technology to improve patient outcomes. She is also a licensed real-estate agent and enjoys helping friends and family with their real estate transactions.

Jamie graduated from DePaul university in 2014 with a Master of Science in Software Engineering and from Xavier university in 2011 with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree. She resides in Batavia Ohio with her wife and their dog Saint.

  • Sun Sign: Cancer/Leo Cusp
  • Moon Sign: Taurus
  • Rising Sign: Scorpio


co-owner, counselor, and intuitive reader at the lion & the crab

 From a very young age I have had many interactions with the spirit realm.   This is something that I feel has been gifted to me by my ancestors.  My Aunt Toni had a fascinating gift and was not only able to interact with spirits, she was also able to predict upcoming events. After visiting my Aunt one summer at the age of 14, my interest in intuition and spiritual guidance grew.  When we returned home, I started practicing tarot using the traditional Rider-Waite deck with my sister, Holly.  In 2018, tragedy occurred and left me quite damaged; my beloved sister, Holly, died due to what seemed like a secret battle with alcoholism.  Prior to her death, we had not spoken in several years, somehow living parallel lives, yet completely unaware of the addiction in one another’s lives.  Due to what I believe was her declining health and that of my own, I began to receive messages and spiritual guidance in spring of 2018. This is when my wife and I opened our first metaphysical shop at the St Augustine Flea Market.  Since Holly’s death in September 2018, I have had an awakening of my own spirit, leading me to live a 100% sober lifestyle.  I continue to practice readings in the style she had introduced me to but have since graduated into using the petit jue Lenormand deck.  I have obtained my LPCC licensure and continue to assist others in overcoming issues in their lives, no matter how big or how seemingly small.  I am an advocate for LGBTQI rights, sobriety, and education; I believe that knowledge leads to freedom, another wonderful antidote taught to me by my sister.  I owe many things to loved ones whom have since departed our earthly realm. I continue to thank them daily with gratitude and spiritual devotions.  I truly appreciate your stopping by our physical location, checking out our website, and spending time learning more about the metaphysical realms and all it has to offer. 

-This is the way- 

  • Sun Sign: Leo
  • Moon Sign: Aquarius
  • Rising Sign: Libra